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Hot Shot Pool Finishes was established in 2014 to provide homeowners and businesses with better solutions for their pools. Our team have been factory trained and have decades of swimming pool expertise. Hot Shot Pool Finishes can re-plaster your existing pool and we also work with pool installers to plaster brand new pools. We offer a variety of finishes, textures, and colors that will enhance your pool and spa. Hot Shot Pool Finishes use AquaBright on new residential and commercial pool installations, residential and commercial renovations, slides, plastic hot tubs, vinyl pool coping, and refinishing steps in vinyl liner pools. We welcome inquiries from other pool companies and will be happy to supply quotes to AquaBright your pool.

3 Signs that tell you it’s time to resurface your pool

3 Signs that tell you it’s time to resurface your pool Most people will resurface their pools because the pool is getting old, or people just want to give the pool a new look; but keep in mind there are signs that can indicate it’s more of a necessity rather than a want. Here are three things to look for that might tell you it's time to consider resurfacing. 1. The stains in your pool are more than just the typical “easy-to-clean” eyesore. There is no doubt that a pool’s discoloration coincides with how often it is used. Most of the time, the stains that you see come from the chemicals and minerals that you put in your pool, or leaves and other debris that falls in naturally. However, sometimes these stains could be algae (which will typically be a shade of green or red). If your attempts to clean and eliminate the algae are unsuccessful (especially if you suspect it might be toxic) it's time to consider resurfacing your pool. 2. Your pool's surface feels rough. If the surface of your pool feels rough and abrasive and you notice that the gunite is breaking through, you need to call someone immediately. There are many different factors (besides age) that can cause your pool's surface materials to deteriorate. Three of the most common are unbalanced pH levels, heavy use, and unexpected damage. No matter what the cause was, it is important to remember that once your pool's surface layer starts to break down, it's only going to get worse. So, it's vital that you have it resurfaced as soon as possible. 3. You constantly have to refill your pool. The longer you wait to repair a leak, the more often you will be writing out a large check to pay off your water bill each month. Plus, the longer you wait to repair a leak, the costlier it will be to repair or resurface. Therefore, if you constantly have to refill your pool you need to find out where and why it's happening right away. Once you know, you should schedule to have any repairs, or a full resurfacing done to help ensure you do not lose water in the near future. If you notice any of these three signs, or it's been decades since you've had your pool resurfaced, it's likely time that you need to have someone come out and resurface your pool. And, if you want to help guarantee that you will have to do less resurfacing in the future, as well as make your pool stand out, consider one our high-performance AquaBright™ finishes.

3 Tips to Help You Choose a Pool Finish Color

 3 Tips to Help You Choose a Pool Finish Color Having a pool installed, remodeled, or renovated is often a big and expensive project that consists of making many decisions. Not only do you need to think about the design of the pool and whether or not your yard is big enough, but you also need to think about how it will look once it is filled with water. Why? Well, the color of your pool is what brings it to life! When it comes time to decide on which pool finish or color you should choose (whether you have your eyes on blue, gray, or white, etc.), here are three things for you to keep in mind: The Surrounding Trees, Plants, & Grass Will there be a little or a lot of foliage surrounding your pool once is up and running? If you have your eyes on a vibrant blue finish, the surrounding foliage may cause it to look more aquamarine. Plus, there is no denying that shade from trees will not only prevent the sun from getting through, but that it could cause your pool color to look darker than it actually is. Inevitably, if your mind is set on your pool appearing blue and vibrant, you need to consider how the surrounding foliage will affect it. The Sun. If you live in an area that receives a lot of sun, there is strong chance that your pool color will look incredibly vibrant and intense! However, if there is little and/or no sun, you pool will look different in certain areas or spots throughout the day. If you have a certain pool color in mind, and want to see what it looks like with a lot or a little sun, you can ask the pool company or installer for some examples of the color you want on both a sunny and cloudy day. The Pool's Depth & Size. If your pool is going to be shallow, the color will end up looking lighter. If your pool is deeper, it's likely that the color will look darker. In the end, if you choose a lighter color and have a shallow pool, you will have a brighter pool, but if you still choose a lighter color and have a deeper pool, it will end up looking darker! Sun vs Shade

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