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There is such a thing as worry free finish!

For decades swimming pools had a bright white rubber-based coating. This type of paint finish was known for its durability against stains and imperfections. During the late 1980’s, government regulations banned many of the most crucial ingredients for making this product maintenance free. These coatings were no longer free from imperfections such as blistering, chipping, peeling and fading. HotShot Pool Finishes is proud to introduce the revolutionary ecoFINISH™ system and their signature pool finish, aquaBright™ What is aquaBright™ ? •  a pneumatically applied high performance pool finish that captures the strength, durability, and maintenance ease    of old school finishes. •  maintains the beauty and architectural colour range of aggregate finishes. •  eco-friendly and contains zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) •  stain and crack resistant; it will outlast traditional paint or plaster finishes for years to come. •  a revolutionary pool finish that virtually eliminates all of traditional plaster and paint coating shortcomings. •  resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching. •  efficient-it cures in seconds not weeks and saves both you and your clients time and money. •  extremely durable outlasting conventional finishes up to seven times longer, according to ASTM testing. •  virtually fade-resistant. •  there is no calcium leach with aquaBright™ and no need for costly and harsh chemicals. •   aquaBright slip resistance assessment aquaBright™ is available in a wide variety of designer colours and is very eco-friendly. It contains no solvents and reduces waste associated with plaster and paint. There are no heavy trucks or equipment used to transport/apply aquaBright™ which reduces fossil fuel use.

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aquaBright™ is a revolutionary pool finish that virtually eliminates all of traditional plaster and paint coating shortcomings. It is resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching. It cures in seconds and is extremely durable. aquaBright is very eco-friendly because it greatly reduces the use of chemicals to balance pH. Also, the amount of fossil fuels needed to mine, transport and apply plaster are no longer used. So, whether you are renovating or building a new swimming pool, aquaBright is the wave of the future when seeking a plaster or paint alternative.  color_pallet

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